Movie Poster:

This was a project. I got to use colors I don’t usually get to use like orange and black. It was fun playing with the idea of a story line and idea of characters which is why I made myself the lead writer. I found the most challenging part of this project was trying to make the images look more like the style I had in my head. Although I wish I was an artist or I had more time to completely build the house from scratch I think I could have made it more like the vintage artwork I was trying to depict.

Halloween house party!.png


It was really a challenge for me to fit all of the information that I wanted to. I really wish I had more time to make this longer and expand on my ideas but in reality, there are deadlines to meet.

I really enjoyed finding this information I think it would be useful for me to write an entire blog to share on my site. I had already written a blog about the fact that people are looking to get news information from social it was fun to explore the details of each platform. I found the mind map to be extremely useful and I will be using it a lot more. it is a really good way to get a clear idea of what you want to talk about.

info- second draft

RV Children’s Adventure Coloringbook :


This was something I created in anticipation of  children attending an company event I also helped to coordinate. This book was a complete hit with the children and parents love that it keep them busy.

I created this by drawing outlines of RVs and other branded art keep

ing in mind negative space for coloring.

Positive Negative Space

This project challenges me with the lack of color and only using text. I really had to think about a creative way to present the letters that were different each time. This also made it hard to represent a brand but I think I manage to say what I wanted to say with this each one hore often was use bending technic to get a slightly 3D effect.



RV Lineup:

This might look simple but this was a very complicated project. None of these RV where actually next to each other this was all Adobe Photoshop. I created this lineup by creating a horizon line and manipulating each RV individual.





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