7 Top ways to use Social Media when Traveling

Can you relate to wanting to have the best vacation we might even get fixated on doing certain things? Sometimes we have to be aware that these things are traps we fall into when looking for the best vacation experience. Social media has altered the purpose and reason for travel like getting to know the locals and experience the true culture. All of this confusion was why I wanted to take some time to share my tips for learning as much as you can while immersing yourself in the culture. The uses for social media today are endless here are my 7 tips and tricks to find out what is trending at your travel destination.

LIFE UPDATE: What A Mistake!

Hey, hi, hello! I am back! I am sorry I have been MIA but am back and I started a new job.  My new job has nothing to do with Marketing or even social media I even made a huge industry jump to cosmetics. I know it’s so crazy different than buses! It took me …