7 Top ways to use Social Media when Traveling

Can Social Media Help When Traveling?

Ten years ago if you asked what do you use social media for most people would just say connecting with friends.

In today social media age we have so many different opportunities literally at our fingertips. We can see the literal image of streets stores and other location just by searching on google. So what can social media offer your vacation that Google can’t?


Social media has changed the way that people travel there are now countless blogs and information on where in the world you can take the best photos. Why you might ask? People have begun to travel for photos and status. Although some people are also looking for cultural experiences and growth when they are traveling but not all of that makes it into that visual social media post. 

Can you relate to wanting to have the best vacation we might even get fixated on doing certain things? Sometimes we have to be aware that these things are traps we fall into when looking for the best vacation experience. Social media has altered the purpose and reason for travel like getting to know the locals and experience the true culture.

All of this confusion was why I wanted to take some time to share my tips for learning as much as you can while immersing yourself in the culture.

The uses for social media today are endless here are my 7 tips and tricks to find out what is trending at your travel destination:       

1. Location location location

Geo searching is a great way to find out what is happening locally but it can also help you target your local audience. Use your amazing technology and make it work for you. Search for tags of the location you are vacationing, follow some related tags. If you didn’t know that you could follow a hashtag find out more HERE. The hashtag will appear in your feed and you can track and find other fun event happening. 

Tip: Just unfollow them after vacations so it’s not cluttered your feed with useless information you won’t need until your next trip.

2. Find people that live locally

Remember what I said, get out of your comfort zone. Finding local bloggers and social media influence can help you find out what happens in a certain location. Making friends is what social media was created for. 4k-wallpaper-abu-dhabi-adventure-2222241.jpg

One of the ways I and travel buddy like to meet locals is to make friends with our drivers. I can’t tell you how many Uber drivers numbers and contact information I gathered everywhere I travel. These are forced friendships that sometimes work out for the better especially when you’re in a jam and need a ride.

3. Be friendly 

Studies have shown that we expose privet things to our social media friends so why not ask them a favor then traveling. This might just sound like common sense but be nice. You would be surprised how many people travel to these beautiful destinations and then have no respect for the people or place. I am a huge people watcher so what I typically do is just watch out for what is acceptable about what you should avoid. For example in some places smoking rules and norms vary so you want to make yourself aware where would be a good place for you to do that. Or again you can always ask some of the new friends you have made. You never know when you are going to need locals helping hand so treat your vacation location like home and you might just gain the respect of the locals. 

I can’t even begin to tell you about all of the amazing people I have meant in the past two years on my travels. Countless Uber drivers and waiters gave me the best advice about where to eat and what tourist traps were just traps. Being friendly can also help you to get out of trouble finding a friendly stranger to teach you the ropes on the norms of the town and maybe what streets not to turn down will always come in handy.

4. Appropriate Clothing

Seriously you might not think this is a good place to get this information but it’s actually really helpful.  What I like to do is do a little recent search on Instagram and Twitter on the location I am heading. Simply with taking a look at some of these photos, you will see what you might what to wear and what is going to suit the weather. If you want to get even more detailed I also make sure I check out the clubs and bars I plan on going out to so that I can see the dress code. 

Don’t you hate when your all dressed up and a causal location! Avoid that messy situation by taking a look at the company page you can figure out the vibe and even catch deals that might not be on their website. 

5. Join the Circle-Sharing your experience

Sharing is caring so make sure our share your positive experiences so that others can use it for their vacation. I also keep a list of places like hotels and restaurants to visit in Everynote (This is a great way to quickly jot down your ideas.) Once I have finalized my notes, I share them with the people I am traveling with that we may compare our travel goals. 

Make sure to tag the location so others can find the post. Also, it can be helpful to share so of your experiences in  

6. Follows and Likesaircrafts-dawn-daylight-2413424.jpg

Often when you tag a location you will get like longer than the life of the post and it might also lead people to follow you. Finding these followers you need to make sure you do something to reach back out to them. 

What I do is return the favor by finding a post to comment or like on their profile. When doing this I do not just stop at the 1st post I scroll today find the best post and let them know just what I think. This often leads to friendships and real social media connections, which is the ultimate social media success!

7. Advice

Don’t be afraid to ask for advice. One of the first thing that I do once I know I am going is to find a blog by a local. I comment with my question comment and ask for advice on what may be must-see as a local. There are also companies like “Thrillist” that have

gotten travel content and offered great advice if you ask them on social media. This advice is often that much better than any other content you might find on the internet. This also might be an opportunity for you to make a real friend that can show you around. 

Put it Together 

One of the core reason I love social media is how versatile it is you can use it for entertainment or form information. I hope that these tips come in to handle the next time you plan a vacation you can use these 7 tips will help you to have the best trip you can. Just remember that travel is not all about the photos you take but also the experience you have during your time. If you need any guidance on the best ways to use social media when traveling comment or reach out, I am more than happy to help. 

If you open yourself up to using social media for research when your traveling you might be pleasantly surprised. Take even one of these social media tips to use the next time you’re on vacation you will see the benefits yourself. So next time you’re planning your vacation uses the apps you already use every day to gain insight into where you are going.

Why are so many people fed up with social media?

Are you using social media as a tool or a crutch! 

So many people are using social media for an escape or entertainment and they find themselves frustrated and deleting these applications because they are unaware they are using them incorrectly you using them to benefit others but really you need to find ways to make social networking work for you.

Tip: Recently I have moved away from watching/getting caught in the loop of watching other peoples story on Instagram. I only watch key stories that I find to teach me or help me grow in some way. The rest, yes all of the booty-shaking photos skip! 

I feel like if more people understood this concept of just using social for your own benefit then you would not be so disappointed or affected by those people. 


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