LIFE UPDATE: What A Mistake!

Hey, hi, hello!

I am back! I am sorry I have been MIA but am back and I started a new job. 

My new job has nothing to do with Marketing or even social media I even made a huge industry jump to cosmetics. I know it’s so crazy different than buses!

It took me some time to figure out what I wanted to do with this page. Continue writing or just stop. I realized that it would be a huge mistake to give up on the #real cause. I feel this is a cause that people need to hear about and understand. be sure to check out the next big thing for me!

I find this page to be a great place to express myself and share some of my knowledge.

I also learned and one of the things I have learned as I grow up writing is one of the ways that I express creativity. It really always was, I have so many books of poetry and stories I wrote when I was younger. Some are terrible but others I still think where great quality for a young kid. Although my current job, I am no doing anything remotely creative so I thought this could be a great outlet. I surely do not want to lose my love of marketing on social media.

I am still just as passionate about helping people make a real connection with there audience. 

This past year I have been focused on enhancing my design skills and decided to pursue a BA in Graphic and Web design. Then I when back to the drawing board to see what change I really wanted in my life.

 The more I learn about the different field I can see that everyone has different goals and motivation although everyone is different we all strive to be our true authentic selves except when it comes to social media but I want to change that. We should use social media for more than just customer service. What if we used social media for support in our everyday lives…using our network for more then just self-promotion, promote something bigger, BEING REAL.

Why, because, being fake on social will not help you- just read what Bob Deutsch has to say. 

So I am sticking with this and I hope you stick with me!

I am going to start writing more and stretching out my topics to cover a greater understanding of what real social communication really means. 


Thank you again for sticking with me!



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