Be Real Starting Today with these Keys to being Authentic Online

Be Real Starting Today with these Keys to being Authentic Online

Being yourself is probably one of the hardest things to the perfect. There are people out there that I admire for doing what they do every day not caring what anyone else has to say about it. On the other end, there are also thousands of people creating fake identities. Then there are others like myself that have to constantly remind myself that I should never change to fill what someone else thinks I should be or act.

success-2081168_1280So I dived into this project where I was forced to try my hardest every day to be my true authentic self. To be honest it got lonely being me. I lost lots of friends and people I thought would always be by my side. In the end, it was a very eye-opening experience to learn about myself and others based on their action. I keep observing learning and doing my research on the topic of authenticity. When I first discovered imposter syndrome, I was so excited to see a word that defined my excite feeling and emotions about authenticity in today society. It was also nice to actually have a word for the feeling I had been experiencing in my life.

Being authenticity is something that you have to constantly strive for, it’s not easy but if you’re finding it to be too impossible then you’re surrounding yourself with the wrong people. I promise that if you take the time to think about what role you play in your friend’s lives it might just change your friendship forever. The people around you should always be lifting you up. There was a time in my life (as an adult) when I was being bullied by people I thought where my friend, in the end, I realized that they had no interest in what I wanted to do or my future. Once I figured that out I could never look at those relationships the same ever again.  

I want to create this website for the purpose of creating a place where people could see authentic people being themselves and finding success in that. I am driven, like most people, by real emotions and create real connections with my audience. Over the past 3 years, I have worked and developed my skills as a Social Media Specialist and Graphic Designer to create impactful marketing messages. I enjoy creating graphics from the ground up including planning photo shoots and composition of graphic layouts for banners, emails, and website images. This entire I kept working towards making a ‘real’ connection with my work audience. Eventually, people started to come to me for face and details about how to reach our audience.  I became so involved in the community I had the exclusive insider information because I had build relationships with our community which created a unique position to be in where I was able to listen to the conversation about industry and product.

Years passed and I keep shedding friendships like the season than out of the blue I got the idea to launch this campaign, I bounced around a lot of idea before landing on social media, the most inauthentic place I could think of.

Set your goals high and your standards even higher

For the past 2 and a half years I have worked very hard writing and developing this idea and website where you can celebrate being you. There are so many reasons that we turn to social media but in the end, it should always be to express yourself.

SO that’s enough of my story let’s get into the reason we are all here. How can YOU take this and learn to be more authentic in our web presence?

#1 Be authentic when getting to know someone new

Take your time getting to know people don’t just keep adding everyone. You want to make sure that you are making this connection authenticity. (Just think of the people that have reached out to you in a similar way and how you felt a sense of friendship form that).

LIFE EXAMPLE: If I start to follow someone I found an interesting way I would make sure to comment on a photo that “makes sense” with why this connection is being made. My previous job has both a bus dealership and RV dealer, so I was constantly moving from bus to RV world. So if I was on the RV profile I might comment on someone’s camping photos and ask what’s their favorite campsite. Versus on the bus ride, I could comment on much more technical

#2 Be consistent:

Just like any friendship, it takes WORK to build friends online!

Having social friendships is an effort especially because you may not actually be friend with that person. But if you take the time and effort to build a connection, Like shared similarities in music or fashion. Be sure to be consistent no one wants a flake for a friend.

The key to making this work is by stepping out of your comfort zone it might feel weird commenting on someone post but try not to think of them as strangers but more as a future friend or even a fan- like I talk about in my blog “4 ways to build a social media following”  

HINT: Sharing other peoples content is also a get way to make a connection with someone.

#3 Key to being more authentic:smartphone-1602486_1920

Share the truth, reality, and the ugly stuff too.

Reaching out or asking for help on social media is 100% acceptable. It has even become a tool for finding trade workers.


Caption: Check out this example where @maysworld found a hair stylist by searching a hashtag. Check here out:


In conclusion, being yourself will provide lots of the challenges and most likely there will be bumps in the road. But I can promise that the pay off will be so much more rewarding then the fake presentation you have been trying. There are so many real people out there that have stories similar to yours. if you’re not brave enough to share the good the bad and ugly then how are you going to connect with someone. Taking risk is the only way that you will make a difference in what you see online. If you are willing to take the leap you never know what will be waiting for you when you land. If you want to make a change then you need to be authentic when making a new friend on social media. Be consistent with your friendship (I even keep reminders in my phone when I haven’t talked to my best friend every so often). Last but not least, be yourself, share the truth not only the fluffy stuff.

These are the 3 core values I think are very important to when you are learning to make authentic friendships on social media.

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