The Next Big Thing for Me

Why you don’t need to hate your job to quit?

Saying goodbye is always difficult to do, especially when you have called a place home for so long. After a two and a half years at my current company I have made the extremely hard decision to leave for a new opportunity. This was a hard decision because I wanted so badly to stay with my coworkers and friends but had to make a decision for myself. There are only so many reasons to leave a job that you love, so I am just going to let you all guess.

Now that I am at the end of my time at my current job and I am looking forward to new opportunities but also looking back on what I have gone through to get to where I am today. It’s amazing how changing jobs could feel like you are making the most life changing decisions EVER. I am sitting here trying to convince myself that it is not the case, but it truly is life changing. Way back when I took on this challenge I was completely oblivious to the ways that my life would be forever changed because of this job.

Contributing to Change

There are so many times I have felt like I had nothing to contribute to such a large industry but looking back I see my affect was clear!

Creative Bus Sales has seen immense social growth other the past 2 years including a profitable relationship with social influencers Jordan and Pete. As a team we creating a brand and a lifestyle connection. Here is where I see just how big of a change and impact I did have.

Since last October 2016 is the outrageous over 90% reach growth on both Facebook and Twitter. This is an undeniable expansion for a company that had zero visibility prior to my campaign. When I started creative RV had 52 likes on Facebook  today they have 5,329 and an audience worth paying to reach out to.

For the first year I campaigned hard for new followers creating industry content that would be intriguing to the audience.  

The biggest difference that I have seen in this company since i started was the growth of diversity. When I 1st started I was clearly identified as an ethnic person. Now nationwide we have about 5 people from different background to have joined the team and changed the face of Creative in the process. Although this company has much more diversifications to work on including incorporating women. Creative has made great strides to make improvement.

The Journey 

Two and a half years flies by so quickly. Over the past 2 weeks I have been reminiscing on old times, feeling both sad and grateful.

I wanted to share my experiences to honor my time and all the things I have learned.

When I started at Creative Bus Sales I was just a Marketing Assistant. I found a niche in Social Media. I make social media it into something real for the company. I fought tooth and nail for things that I believed in. I worked for things like social media advertising funding, social influencers relationships and a consistent schedule. Fighting for these things  was not easy and most of the time was not accepted by upper management. Our company did not see the purpose of putting money into social media but with determination I made a point to voice my opinion.

At first, no one listened to me, people often laugh it off when I would ask for money for a campaign.

As I continued to tag and send industry news and high traffic content to the manager which in the end changed lots of minds.MY goal was to make it undeniable how much of an impact lifestyle and non-product-related content would improve their overall brand. For example the blog “Why are School Buses Yellow?” is still to this day one of the highest viewed blog of any blog on the site. I have had people reach out to me and tell me this had all the information I need in one place. This content was powerful and had a much longer lifespan than any other content on our site because of it unique take on the industry.

The End- A Clean Cut

As much as I want to make a clean cut from the company this content will always be something that was written and produced by myself. That is something to be proud of. Really there are so many things I have to be proud of from my time at Creative. Surviving 3 different marketing managers, several stressful product launches, and 3 website creation from start to finish. The number one thing that I most proud of is that I was NEVER was trained on this. My own curiously pushed me to make a difference in such a large company. After all this time I have come to the conclusion that I am worth more and knowing that helped me to walk away.

I am grateful for the people that I have met and I will not ever forget them. I am very excited to see what up next for me.  

The point of this post is not only to reminisce but more than that to ask you about your experience.

Do you think this feeling is normal? How did you feel leaving your last job? Did you feel happy, vindictive or reflective like myself? Or am I just crazy.

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