New Year: Smashing your 2019 Goals

Resolution and Resolves

I am not one of those big new years resolution kind of people but I do love setting goals and challenges for myself. When it comes to social media I have a few tips for how to keep yourself in check all year-long. The end of the year is a great time to look back on things you have accomplished in one year. It also helps it you have an entire blogging community to keep you accountable.There are tons of tools to help you setup your new year’s resolutions but my tips will help you to create realistic goals you can complete in one year.

Setting Goals >> 2018’s was one of my most popular blog post so I decided to do a recap and renew my goals. If you want to read about my goal from last year check it out My 2018 goals.


Personal Social Recap:

Feel free to skip this part and go start to “My Tips for Reaching your Social Media Goals”

When looking back on my social post for the last year it’s pretty clear just how far you have come in one years time. I love all the memories that pop up on my social profiles to remind we of the timeline of my social media life. 2018 was for self-improvement and travel for me.  As i wrote in my blog on my goals from last year. I needed to learn to be present take criticism and be ethical. Over the year I have learned that these things were far more complex than I had intended. There where many dips in my roll-a-coaster ride like dealing with a boss that didn’t believe in me or my goals. Like many thing i have overcome that struggle but being present led me to realize just how unhappy I was in my career and with some of the friendship I had made. I quickly learned that the goals i set where going to intel a few other steps i did not anticipate. So this year i am going to take my time with create and launching my goals for the new year.

…Ultimately all of the goals and a mix of a few other things lead me into a depression which in turn made strong points for my goals for 2019.

What’s new for 2019

I am trying a new approach this year. I wanted to come up with a clear idea of what I wanted the next year to turn out. So I took some quiet contemplation time and tried to think of all the things I want to accomplish and other goals i just want to get closer to.  

I can break down each of my goals into one of 2 categories:

  • Self awareness
  • Exploration

Instead of laying out my goals for this year I wanted to share how I was able to complete my goals for last year.  

Trade Show Request.png

3 tips for Reaching your Social Media Goals

#1 Tip Writing it down

Writing this blog has given me so much accountable to these goals. Also writing it down you can always come back to it and continue the work or evaluate the progress. This will also help you focus on what you really what your end goal to be. When I look at the written form of my goals I feel like I went about thing very differently. I drew lots of photos and icons to go along with each goal. This gave me the chance to sit and think what I envisioned saw each goal as   


I tried to make it interesting and descriptive a lot with making sure each goal is direct and actually accomplishable. You can also tell that I spent time creating this list with each developed drawing.

I think that one of the biggest challenges was making the time to just think about the future. That is why I always take a little time at the begin of the year to evaluate where I want to at the end of that year.    

#2 Tip It’s not a Race Take your Time

Giving yourself enough time is a huge part of why people fail. They set unrealistic goals and timelines that you just might not be able to make. Really think about how long it might take you to complete a project. You want to feel like you are progressing so it is key to feel like you are created progress in the long run. There are tons of ways to stay organized and help you successfully complete your goals  For example I launched this blog almost 1 year ago. I set small goal of posting one blog every 2-3 weeks( giving myself some wiggle room). Leading up to completing the bigger goal of  publishing my first 10 blogs. Every month i would go back to my goal sheet and see what progress i had made. I actually keep a google document with all of my personal KPI’s for various goals. My tip would be to try our something to track what is happening within you goal.   display-panel-457381_1920.jpg

*Giving yourself too much time also might be deadly, if you forget about a goal or lose motivation.

#3 Be very clear what your end goal is

Setting goals is just one way to accomplish your goals there are tons of other helpful ways to reach goals like these apps that can help you plan and build good habits. When I am setting my own goals I would set up an end goal for every month for each goal. This helps to set up the when you are making progress and you know where to focus your time. Some goals are larger than other so you have to be kind to yourself so that we give yourself enough time for the task.

What I like to do is create a mind map on each goal, is a way to create a visual of your goal and intention. This will help you write the most detailed goal outline.  

In conclusion, don’t give up!

I think that setting goals a key way to make sure you are accomplishing your goals in a timely manner. We just need to be more forgive and our timeline of the remember to write down your goals along with a plan on how you plan to accomplish them. Create a timeline and detail out each step you will need to complete. Late but also most important Make your goals as detailed as you possible can. If you follow these steps you will most certainly work your way towards you goal, whatever that may be.  




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