Change your Thinking: Breaking Marketing Rules on Social Media

Change your Thinking: Breaking Marketing Rules on Social Media

Learn the rules like a pro,
so you can break them like an artist.” 
― Pablo Picasso

Are there rules on social media?

First of all, I don’t just break all the rules, like I wouldnt recorecom you should just start running red lights but pointless rules like be careful at night. Try be careful all the time, bad things happen at an time of the day. Even when as a child I would always challenge rules I didn’t think were necessary. I was one of those kids that would always talk to strangers, I like to make my own mind up about people. This would sometimes get me in trouble, but more than not I made friends with truck drivers and people in check out lines. I decided to write this blog because I saw a pattern of people have begun to set these pointless rules for social media. These “rules” like posting time and always being presentable on social media are 100% self imposed rule.

Social Media MarketingLet’s face it social media is trending News. Don’t get me wrong you can live without it, but you also might miss out on information. When I tell people what I do, most often they start regurgitating stats and “rules” that have heard about social media. Today, we let other people create rules for us. I think you know what I mean. For example, you only post “the good photos” when you’re wearing making up or at a cool location. Then people don’t understand when you have a mental breakdown and gain 20 pounds because you were lonely. Show people the real you that what they want to see even for business. People have begun to trust user generated sites like yelp and amazon where they can see the true the “real” photos. We are changing and learning that real is what is most important. As a Social Media Specialist I find it to be one of my duties to keep up with what’s happening with social media but I also like to bend the rules. I know, I know. This idea might sound like a radical idea, but breaking rules is how I got to where I am today. People in my life always told me I was going to struggle because of where I was from or my situations. Things that were completely out of my control. I decide a long time ago that I would always try to define the haters in my life and rise about it all.

By breaking rules and spending significant time learning about myself I learned I am not like everyone else; Fitting in does not come natural to me. As you can imagine I was hard to teach as a child I always asked for alternative methods to solutions. It wasn’t always appreciated but I learned quickly that going against the grain wasn’t going to be easy. But that’s just who I am.So what do I do when you want to gain the advantages of social media without giving up my individuality? Learn to break the rules.

I am constantly coming up with new ideas to gain followers and draw in sales. I am an innovator not a trend follower. O.K I take that one back I am a trend follower to the max, but I always find a way to put my own spin on on things. I have created 3 personal boundaries that I used to check if i am making a good or bad decision when it comes to breaking the rules.

Here are the 3 rule I DO NOT break:

  1. Don’t mess with branding- If it seems like it might step outside of your brand then don’t do it!
  2. Know what your talking about- You should know and understand why your product or whatever you are selling is going to be effective.
  3. Don’t be afraid- Experiment with it! The power of social is that connection with your audience look at it as a way to learn more.

Social media it should not be a robotic formula it’s more than that. When a company wants to stand out they must take with risk in things like social media that can help a company go from zero to hero.

Try new things

How do you think tends get started. When we try new social media tactics we stretch our reach and audience. Stepping out of social norms is part of what is so amazing about marketing on social media today. There are very little rules other than the ones we have set as norms and taboos.  

Barbie social campain

One of the big things happening for social media today is incorporating diversity into social campaigns. There are many campaigns that have broken boundaries and gained fame from that. We in the social media age have changed the way we discuss important social topics. We feel a need to contribute to the conversation and interject our opinions and thoughts on products. Think about how the conversation about Barbie has changing in the past 5 years. This was because of backlash and presser our society put on the company to change. People that once were overshadowed by these huge companies now have a voice in the products they are buying and empowering. Social advocacy is changing the way that people are talking about the product and seeing it in their everyday life.

Check out this historical iconic 1959 toy barbie. This campaign has change because of the backlash on the lack of interactive learning toys for girls. 

Being Yourself

Social media is not the place to share your break up but yes you should get personal with your fans and followers. Get to know them in a personal way.

I recommend you stay away from sharing topics that are too personal. Create a boundary because you may not want everyone all in your personal business on a company page. Just remember to leave a little room for imagination 😉

Note: This real persona is a huge part of her brand.

One of my favorite real social profiles to follow is @bethanycmeyers she posts about feeling sad, the struggle of trying to be successful and other life struggles I think we can all relate to on a personal level. This will also build a connection with your audience so be real, be you, and you will see the growth in that.

Can you post too much on social media?

This is the silliest of all the rules! If your content is good you will see a gross in engagement by posting more often. There was a study done on Instagram at the Indiana University of Southeast  that proved sometime more is just more.

The Most Social HourThis study found that balance between too many and not enough can be a challenge. In the end the more post means more engagement and more chances for someone to see your post. Personally if I want to run a hard campaign for 2 months period and post 15-20 post in that period it would not be damaging. For my own campaigns I would then cool it for the next 2 months and posts less frequently, okay and it will give out the time to create new content that people can be excited about.

Coschedule recommend you post about 10 times a week. I like this recommendation so that on key days you can plan to post more than once and other time you can just post once a day. Over all the main point of this all is you shouldn’t care so much about the rules of time.

Repetitive Campaigns

Using a repetitive campaign like posting on a theme for a long series of post. I find it makes you memorable than scroll.

Here is an example of a campaign I did for a new product launch that our company wanted to build excitement around. I created a luxury campaign that just pushes the idea that this was going to be a different for our company. This is still one of my favorite campaigns to have been a part of.

A different type of campaign I can think of as an example is @CampingWorld. They will feature the same influencers in a series of post. This company need not have a face but now when you think of these influencers you think about Camping Word. This also help make their feed memorable in a scroll you think oh I saw them yesterday in a hot air balloon and wonder what they are up to today. Keeping things repetitive in a campaign can lead to great associated branding along with sharing branded content.       

Get Personal

Some of the most memorable post of this year are post that made us feel something. These are the things that say with us after closing the application.

Building connection on social media allay happen when you take a step out on a limb. Taking chance and reaching out on social media is a chance to make connections with your audience. @Oprah is probably my favorite social profile of all time but when it comes to getting personal I love Oprah. In my eyes I think she does the best job of mixing personal and corporate material.

Getting personal is one of the biggest reasons I love social media and why I started this experiment. I was inspired by people like Mya Shameless and other social media gurus living their best life and sharing it all the ups and the downs on social media.

Leave a comment with your favorite social media campaign! So, everyone can follow.

The Perfection Rule

No one likes it, and no one believes it. Your life is imperfect so mix it up post natural photos along with the stages ones. People don’t care to keep up with fakers.

Being real is relatable making social media more raw and real is something I think we are all craving, so the buck stops here. Make a vow be honest and real about your social media goals and just see the positive feedback not to mention the sense of confidence.

In this podcast from “Soulistically Speaking” they are talking about social media and these topics of being politically correct all the time.

Hear what they had to say on the topic here.

Making Errors on Social Media

If you want to be presented as a robot go for it, post stock photos and make ZERO errors. But that’s not real. Even Wendy’s restaurant has an understanding that realness is more than political correctness. I think that being a real person means more to people than being a perfect person. I love when I see people laugh or joke at their own mistakes. Social media was created not to be taken seriously but to be fun! We have to remember the underlying reason why people are turning to this application.

If you think I am just spontaneously running around breaking rules, I have a list 3 rules I try never to break:

Don’t Break the Law

Get to know the rules there not too complicated but once you know them don’t break them.

There are even non-legal ways to get in trouble with other people on social media. You don’t want people to be angry because you liked a photo so much you decide to use it. Take the time to make sure that you ask for permission from other before using a photo or tagging thing in a post. You just want to cover all your bases.    

Post When You are Drinking

Bad idea!

Probably to the worst idea you’ll ever have so make a point o never post when you are drinking, and you will not have a problem when you get too drunk.

When I am having a drink I typically would plan a post for the morning after. This allows for you to enjoy your time and not stress about that post.   

Post What is Tending

Think of your feed like a tailored news feed if people can count on you to present up to date information then you might just be reliable. If you follow the rule of posting what is trending in your community, you will become a go to person for information on a topic. Personally, I believe if you are going to brand yourself a specific way then you need to cater to the people within these fields.

I have an entire blog on this topic so read more HERE.

Be realBe a Rebel

I have always been a rebel and found comfort in going against the rules and even if you do not share my same rebel mentality you should see how this can benefit you.

Don’t be fooled there are no REAL rules to doing social media but there are standards and norms society have place on ourselves. Making a changing in what we see on social media is going to take Us making a change in what we demand of our or social media managers. If we are only allowing this perfect content out, then we are just as bad as the robot created account sharing stock photos and regurgitating post repeatedly. So, take the risk of being REAL on social media whether it is your personal or business account I think you will be surprised by the way things turn out.

Don’t know where to start? Create a social campaign that makes an impact contact me to get started today. 


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