Shocking Ways that Sales and Marketing can Working Together to Increase Revenue

Truth will always be truth, regardless of lack of understanding, disbelief or ignorance.
Clement Stone

It is a common understanding that sales and marketing are two separate tasks. It is also common knowledge that these two departments do not get along. Although these are two different departments, there is power in both teams working together towards a common goal. Here I have outlined some of the flaws these teams have when working together and alternative ways to overcome these differences within your team. 

Reality vs. Expectations

Reach your goals with a powerful social campainExpectation

What they say about expectations 100% applies to the working environment.

If you go into a project with extremely high expectations of your team you maybe sorely disappointed. My expectation of working in tandem with your sales department was that it would be easy. That expectation was very wrong.

It was challenging and frustrating that they did not understand each of our individual skills. I quickly learned that sale and marketing might be on the same page, but they are looking at different books. Expectations light look a little like the image above where everyone is working together and leaving from one another.

Let’s get real the reality of marketing and sales working together is something entirely different.

Finding understand comes from There is literally a language barrier between the two see below for Marketing Jargon translated into sales terms.



The challenges with marketing working with sales is not about the goal, it is about a cohesive vision. Companies are changing their tone when it comes to digital marketing and is beginning to investing more in their budgets for inbound marketing. This ultimately will mean that more leads will come from this digital campaign and not traditional marketing. The cleaner we can make that transition from digital over to the sales team.

Reality is, these two things directly affect each other. A great social campaign could unnamedpotentially bring in twice as many leads as any one salesperson doing cold calls. Not to mention that a sales team relationship could bring in more repeated sales than traditional marketing campaigns. Do you see how both of these feed into each other?  (see R2 for more.)

Aligning Sales and Marketing  

Sales and marketing used to be an us-vs-them mentality. It’s only natural, sales and marketing have a similar background and end goals, but they differ in the metric measurements. Sales are running on income and marketing looks into leads, clicks and form submissions as a successful campaign. Obviously, my perspective is squeezed towards marketing but ultimately I would like for both teams to work better together for maximum reach.

In order to understand why sales and marketing could benefit from aligning their goals, you have to look at both sides of the argument. Each dedicated team has different goals and ideas of what matters most to them. For example, a social media manager I find success when someone has a clear understanding of our brand from our social campaigns whereas sales might have a financial quota to reach.



When launching a new campaign you might want product knowledge. You might even feel like you will find guidance on the product from a long-standing sales member.

Don’t worry it is not just you, feeling that this is a huge hurdle to overcome. This is such a big challenge that it made on Hubspot top marketing challenges.

unnamed.pngThere is much that has changed since the rise of things like social media marketing, and paid advertisements. Marketing goals are not aligning with sales and there is this disconnect of understanding between the two. Before lead type and campaign analytics were handed off to sales to closes. Today, marketing takes a deeper look into the steps taken before purchasing, meaning marketing funnel more like this B2B Buyer’s Journey.

  • Awareness> Consideration> Purchase> Retention> Advocacy.

One major challenge we might face before we can align goals could be things like tracking analytics, something sales were not privy to thinking past dollar bills. With tools like Hubspot, Adwords, and revenue trackers like Quick Base help marketers find out what is working. This might mean completing a different process to account for things like digital clicks and customer origins – why its mean so much to the marketing team, these charts are equivalent to your commission and show us we are doing our job effectively.


4 Killer Tips for Understanding the Common Goal

It takes a more of a cohesive plan it takes a well-balanced relationship. These hacks are helpful to remember when you are in the heat of working with a team your finding it hard to connect with:  

  1. Remember that YES you have a common goal; to make a sale.
  2. Have a meeting ask the question about the new product, make it all about how they can help you. (Everyone loves a good stroke of the ego.)
  3. Don’t try to fill the other shoes. Remember each of you is experts in your individual fields so use the information you gain to create powerful advertisements for your audience.
  4. Don’t lose sight of the goal weather it be to create a dynamic Ad’s or social campaign don’t let them distract you.

Tip: Take notes on the point you want to make sure to talk about ( it’s easy to get off topic.)

In order to making this situation work for us, as marketers, is to help the sales team understand our position. I have come up with these 3 way to help you understand the commonalities and how to relate to your sales time from a perspective of being real, understanding your differences and approaching a situation with a different understanding.

Analytics tools like Hubspot help marketers find out what is working, this might mean completing a completely different process for digital clicks and origins – why its mean so much to the marketing team, these charts are equivalent to your commission and show us we are doing our job effectively.

How will this Change the Game

If marketing had the ability to get all the needed knowledge to create more powerful content for your target audience the benefits could be boundless.

Just think of all the amazing things we could do if marketing and sales could join forces. They would be unstoppable.

Let’s imagine that 50% of ignored lead became a contact, and 25% of those became sales, you could improve overall revenue. When sales and marketing working together your ads, emails, and all other communication will be targeted perfectly to reach exactly who you want. Having this alignment could help your team with an overall cohesive branding within both sales and marketing. Both teams have to play into their individual strengths.

If you’re wondering how can I test this theory? I have outlined a few ways that you can track your team’s collaborative success.   

5 key ways your team will visibly benefit from collaborating:


  • Leadership encourages collaboration.
  • Allied goals and objectives for campaign and brand strategies
  • A clear understanding of the customer journey
  • Sharing information freely.


The team is keeping up with what customers want hearing feedback and making improvements.

Whether you are in sales or marketing, understanding of each other position is a powerful tool. There is power in having a cohesive organization marketing and sales plan. Present your best self and it is proven, this will lead to an increase in revenue if done correctly.Subscribe_for_lates_news_in_social_media


2 Replies to “Shocking Ways that Sales and Marketing can Working Together to Increase Revenue”

  1. This was really interesting. I think a lot of the time people from outside of either industry think that sales and marketing are very similar when the reality could be very different. It’s crucial to understand where both sides are coming from and get a similar vision. Especially now in the age of social media marketing, when traditional sales teams won’t have a lot of experience here x


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    1. Glowsteady! Thank you I agree with you. I think sometimes we want to think we are good at everything when sometimes we might not be the most knowledgeable on every topic. Sales can sometimes get in the way of doing what’s best from a marketing perspective.


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