Social Media News: Keeping up with Social Media Trends

Social Media News

Is there value in learning to using social media as a News source?

More and more people 50+ turn to social sites for news. Keeping up with trend is not only one of my tag line but it also is a key to creating great content. Research has shown, 67% of Americans report getting news from social media. (Pew Research Center, 2017)


If two-thirds of the country get News from their social platforms like twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. This is becoming bigger than your average trend. In my mind this percentage will only grow bigger and become an ever bigger force in social media standards. Now, as marketers, we need to think about what we are offering as News on our pages.

Ask yourself: Does my blog highlight what is happening in your community? Does my profile page offer beneficial information for readers? Did you answer is no, then you need to changes to get up-to-date with what is trending.

Trends tell us what is popular meaning most people have interest. If you can find a way to relate these things to your product you can create great web traffic


What’s trending

Social media has been in the New’s caused by the Facebook privacy trials happening. To be honest, as a social media specialist I am glued to reports and stories about this trending topic. Did you read the need updates to Facebook? I did. I also read up on a few other sites that have been drawing concerns with the privacy trend.

The first thing I did was to find and follow these companies on social media. Getting the inside scoop to see what they were saying on the topic.

Once I began to read into the topic I could see Facebook was doing some serious damage control by answering lot’s of important question. I realized that this is a valuable lesson to learn.

Social media is a growing source of News, and not only for people in marketing, but for everyone on social media (meaning well EVERYBODY!).

I have developed a have a 4 tips to using social for News and following new tend in any industry:

1. Think of your followers as a News source

What your audience is reading, posting, and sharing can tell you a lot about your next move so be smart about who you follow.


Thinking of your audience as insiders, people 

submerged in your field. You can be sure of this if you create a real audience so you can trust has similar interests. Like any News source you have to check into the credentials of each post. If a profile say they work for a company, it might be a good idea to click on their profile link to see if it leads you to related content. Make sure you are checking that content has authority to be discussing the topic before you share it.

Like any good journalist you have to keep up with what’s going on around you and social media is a great place to do that.

Here is an example from a page I help manage. Creative Bus Sale’s twitter feed is a bus New’s source. I dare you, scroll through a few posts, if you don’t learn about what’s happening in the bus industry I am not doing my job. This feed is filling in insufficient resources and pulling in great in insight and information to

Think of twitter as a great place to get the most information fast. It can quickly become a black hole and a waste of time depending on what you have in your feed.

2. Know your Platform

I, like most people thought that twitter was dead but it is very alive.trends on twitter

Twitter is also my favorite new source when it comes to getting the most up to date information. The number one reason why I love twitter is because the feed is always changing; Unlike Facebook and Instagram posts that can be repetitive.

Tip: Every time I log into twitter I check out what’s trending. It’s a great way to gauge what you’re going to see and what to keep an eye on.

I recommend also that you follow the twitter business blog or join a group like Media and Marketing Professional Worldwide  on LinkedIn.

3. Tools to Help you Find Trends:

Instagram makes it easy it’s all about hashtags. One the recent update to Instagram allows for you to follow a hashtag and these post will show up within your feed. This helps me to keep in touch with what’s a trending topic. To take it one step further find out what is happening within that trend. Check out this gif to show you how to search by hashtag>>

Keeping up with what’s trending in your industry also mean doing some research. For example, top trending hashtags often change but can also help lead others to your content. Hashtags a key in to not only follow trends but join them.

Here are some hashtags tools to recommendation:

Top hashtag– Finding the top hashtag is a great way to find and updates old and outdated hashtags. Top hashtags help you find more the newest hashtags.

Websta-is a great tool for Instagram trends. Will also show you a slightly more details breakdown on your analytics.

4. Beware: One of these Things is Not like the Others

Facebook analytics do so much to make sure the top post you see is  keeping you up to date with what’s happening.

Facebook insider tip I can give is, be careful what you click on and who you befriend. Make a wrong move and you could be seeing an ad for something you never wanted to see and often. To be completely honest I am over Facebook it has become a machine and the advertisements are too much. Sometimes it’s hard to tell an Ad from a friends post (believe me it’s all part of the plan.)

News is Trending

The bottom line is that people what to keep up with trends and if you want to have an engaging social media page you need to keep up. Literally – go follow The Times. They have a zillion categories and you can find a page that relates to your topic. We up with your industry and where you see fix you can fill in blank, grow credibility and share useful information.

Real Examples:

Working in the bus industry can be an insiders game. Laws change there is a different disconnect of information. My first campaign was to share more industry information that I wasn’t sure people knew or understood. This month I wrote a blog outlining the ADA wheelchair regulation and how it related to the bus industry. This content was very successful because we offered insight that was easy to understand. We had calls come in asking to learn more about the ADA regulation and several forms filled out wanting more information. We gave people the information they needed and lead them to our capable experts

“Learn about I learn so much about the bus industry in my blog “Social media tips: How to become an expert in a new industry” and learn how to become an expert in your industry too.”


So whats next, you are following the most current and reliable information about your industry… what will you do with this information?  

Learn as much as you can.

Trends are always changes so keep up with relevant laws culture, and industry event.

Share the best information with your audience and gain. Keeping up with what is happening in your industry gives your brand credibility. By keeping up with what’s happening you are investing in your cause. When people start to rely on you for insider information you will become a News source of others. Completing the cycle. 

Remember: The energy you put out on your social media generate what people think of you and also what ads you see. So be careful where you click and who you befriend because your feeds is you new favorite news source. 

Change the way you

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  1. Thanks for the tips here! I don’t think of social media as much of a news source, more of a passtime. But these are great examples of how we should be viewing it considering how fast growing it is! Thanks!

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