21st Century Communication: Social Media and the Balance of Maintaining a Life

Maintaining work-life balance in the social media world can be extremely difficult. I also happen to think it is one of the more important things you can do to keep yourself centered and balanced. So many people complain to me about how hard looking at other peoples lives can be but I often explain that I understand a very different side of social media, I see all the planning and preparation that goes into a single post. I am well aware that people present what they want others to see on social media and this can sometimes be hard to ignore or justify.

You are not alone in your feelings that the Kardashians of the world are living fack and glamorous lives.

It’s not in your head

Sometimes trying to stay level-headed in a world of social media can be very difficult. Trying to keep a balance of communication and a thing called, a social life, can be very difficult especially for a job that requires daily attention. I find that logging off on the weekends and logging out of even personal accounts can be an important part of starting your weekend off right.

Modern Valentine's Facebook Post.pngWhen I’ve had an especially stressful week I know that I will not log into any social media accounts that I manage just for my sanity. You have to keep a distance from some of these things just like in other jobs.

I have heard stories about people getting so frustrated because their picture doesn’t load even on off hours. In my head, the struggle is keeping yourself sane and still managing your accounts 24/7. There’s a lot of effort that goes into managing social media especially in the 21st century where it is very much a consistency game. We all understand that the struggle can be seriously hard and seriously real. You will need to find a balance. Keep yourself real, keep yourself humble, because social media works better when you’re authentic.

Set a Timer


Dedicate yourself to the hours that you are managing to try harder to be better to work harder in fewer hours. Manage your time right and you can get a lot more done in a lot less time. Check out my other blocks to find out how I keep up with the trends and keep with the times while still keeping a life.

Trying harder doesn’t mean working longer. It simply means that you have to try your best and give it 110% within a time frame. If you plan wisely and organize your time you can do this you can get a lot done in very little time. Keep to a schedule, set timers do what you need to stick to your routine.

Don’t Get too Lost in it

Find your Passion!

In this blog, you probably realized that I don’t like my social media to take up my entire life. I have a strict schedule and I follow my timeline. I spend a certain amount of hours per week on a project after those hours are done and I try my best to log off and keep up with important notifications. It is not only important to me that I do this but it’s important to my boyfriend it’s important to my family it’s important to my niece and it’s important to my sanity.

If I let my social media take up my entire life I could spend every hour of my waking weekend logged on, as I like to call it.

What I wish I knew when I First Started

When I first started I did spend many of my own hours wasted away in social media land for companies that didn’t understand the excessive time that this is taking up. Yes, we grow. Yes, things expanded. Yes, I was learning every single day but I was also losing myself.

I am fully aware that work-life balance is easier said than done but don’t let social media take up everything. Contact me if you think that’s social media sucking up your life I can help you plan a better strategy that could allow you to have more me time.

Change the way you

Buy from our online bookstore!We have a wide variety ofgenres for you to choose from!Tips that worked for me:

  • Breathing//Meditation
  • Forget about it! Clear your brain out of all that anxiety and breath.
  • Stop talking about it// Log out
  • Log out of all accounts your be surprised how quickly you relax when your phone doesn’t have 1 million notifications flashing.
  • Take more brake
  • Take some time each day to do something for yourself, read a book catch a movie
  • My favorite take a bath with bath salts, bubbles and NO PHONE!!

Comment below if you have any tips to share with others that might be struggling to keep their head on straight when looking at social media & subscribe if you want more Social media tips!

…New blog about social media tools coming soon 🙂


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