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New Year New Me: New Year Resolutions

All year long I have being working toward my goals from last year; one major goal being to become more independent. I am a total sucker for new years I believe in many of the superstitions and I take my resolution quite serious. I like to take this time to reflect on the past year a try to set new goals for myself.For the week leading up to new years. I have racked my brain and came up with these 3 resolutions:

Be present.

Be ethical.

Learn to take criticism.

In 2017 I have been challenge unlike I ever thought I would at my age. This year held scandals and hardships like I had never experienced. Although, I have moved passed these situation I am not sure if I came out on top. I am not sure if this feeling is relatable to anyone other then the 3 original coworkers left at my job. It’s been a hard year for our department and I have lost more than a few friends along the way.writing-in-journal_4460x4460

Looking Forward

In 2018, I am doing a little self discovery of many of the things I encounter last year and hopefully in the process improve my personal brand.

What my resolution mean:

Be Present – Do you recall a time when you were listening to someone speak and all you non verbals are saying your listening, but you weren’t really. I admit that there have been time when I wasn’t actually present in my personal life because i was so stressed about my professional life. I have seen this similar treat in other people, and I wasn’t so impressed.Call me old school but I find it important to be present and fully experience your life. Just check out some other benefits of being in the moment.

Be ethical – Over the past year I have become increasingly aware of ethical behavior. I was tested at work and in my personal life. Without telling you the entire story I found myself looking deeper into myself and where my ethics lie.

There are many things I decided I need to get in check to be fulling eritical to myself stranded. One major thing is that I talk everyday about living all natural and I ultimately wish I could live a much cleaner life. I need to be more accountable for my standards in my personal ethics.

As I get older I am am started to see that we have to define our personal code of ethics. I found this book, “Normal Gets you Nowhere” by Kelly Cutrone to be a great tool in helping me think of the person and leader I wanted to be. Kelly Cutrone writes about her spacticalual life and standards of doing what’s right even if she stands out doing it.

Learn to listen to criticize- Well, if you know me you might just understand way this makes the list. I am horrible I mean so terrible at being wrong. I was raised to think being wrong is the worst possible thing to be next to being bad at sports. Needless to say  sometime I react hard to being criticized but I am working on it

I know that criticism is key to improvement and I do want to hone my craft and handle these situations better.

Real Improvement

2018 is going to be a year for self improvement for me. This year is going to make me look deeper than just starting a diet plan I’ll never complete. My hope is that this could lead to bigger self improvement and understanding so I can help outline my career.


I hope this inspired you to look into your resolutions and make a plan to improve more then you look this year. Dig deep and find the flaws that are holding you back from reaching your goals this year.

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