Key Values of a Social Media Manager

Whether you have social media or not this can affect your content branding. I would say there are about four key assets of a social media management including being:

  • Content Creator
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing Funnel
  • Project Manager
  • Informants


Content Creator
Enter your social media manager needs to be a great content creator. They need to have a great mind for creating new and creative campaigns for social media. Understanding the different aspects of all the different types of social media can be difficult also fitting everything into 160 characters on Twitter is not always realistic. You might also want this person to be a photographer maybe someone who at least knows how to work a camera. Understanding videography could be a plus especially in today’s social media where gif and videos are valuable assets.


Customer Service



Many people today look to social media for customer service. Your package arrives late and you post on social media the reaction of this company can make or break what happens next. A quick response and immediate action to this person could be a positive influence. No response or a lackluster response could lead to a social media meltdown or maybe even “going viral”. Your social media manager needs to understand the value of customer service we need to exhibit good judgment. Part of exhibiting good judgment would mean that this person would need to be good under stress when someone asks a


tough question you need to answer regardless of how gritty it might be. They also need to understand the voice of the company because they will be that for social media.

Marketing funnel
Social media manager should be a key asset in your marketing team. Creating constant campaigns weekly a social media manager should connect with other marketing members to coordinate. Personally, I like to coordinate with other team members of marketing say there’s a new special featuring that on social media could not only help your other team member but it could also add a little bonus by making a sale.

Project Manager
university-study-group_4460x4460-compressedBeing a great project manager is a key asset communicating with other members what’s going on social media is important. Having your marketing team also understand your social media goals will also help you in the long run.


You how have the most up to date information about your company and industry news. Your social media manager should be an information Junkie. For me, this means creating several alerts for my Industries. For me I take a day out of my week to read up on what’s going on in my industry this can be helpful in thinking about blog posts or campaign content. It also helps if you enjoy reading the news.


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