4 ways to Build a Social Media Following that’s Real

couple-holding-hands_4460x4460Build a Relationship

Like any real relationship time and work is put in to make a stronger bond. Ever wonder how someone could have so many followers and not be one of those silly Instagram models? This is one of the hardest balances in social media. Trying to connect with your fans and posting enough content.

Tip: Plan one day out of the week where you take time to reply to fans. I promise this will make all the difference on your next week’s post.

How to get “fans” on social media

There are many “fans” that have become friends to me on social media but this is a give and take relationship. If I see a photo that is eye catching and suits the branding of the company I’ll hit the like button and post a comment sometimes this might consist of a set of emojis expressing my feelings. (screenshot). Sharing love on social media can gain you allies in the social media world. Someone to share and repost your content. I am constantly building these relationships and nurturing them every week, similar to what a salesperson would do in following up with clients.

Start making real connections now

Consistent Interaction

Sharing quality content is the first step I am going to plug that you subscribe to see a later blog about keywords and SEO. The second step is often the most forgot step to social media growth, engaging with your audience. There are a few ways that you can go about interacting with your followers:

“The Reciprocal Like” is when someone likes your most recent photo you feel like you should like their photos as well. Check out this Great article about why people like your post from the Huffington Post.

Set Personal goals and be vocal about it

Think of your personal goals and understanding what you want to accomplish is a top priority when trying to have an well established social media. Yes, creating a steady flow of content is important but understanding where you want to go in the end with your content is even more important.


Creating a fan base that is real can add to your business value. Because I understand that this is my goal I am not impressed by massive amounts of followers. In this day in age we all understand that we can buy followers and you can buy likes but that doesn’t sell your product. Understanding your audience can be a key asset to selling your product online on social media with a simple post.

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