Getting to know your Audience

Customer Dynamics

You will never understand your customer more than you will from reading and seeing their social media page. I learned this from personal experience starting a blog and an RV social media Network was something new to me. After blogging about RVing for about a year I now fully understand the RV and lifestyle. Probably a little bit better than even some of our salespeople. Daily, I am involved in these people’s lives and I’ve grown to understand how each of them view the social platforms before them. I get to see inside the brain of your audience and this is an important asset to understanding buyer personas.

Are you starting to see what social media brings to the table?

An deep understanding of what the masses want will help you sell your products at the end of the day.

Challenge: If you still don’t believe me that I can understand your audience by checking out their social media go online, check out who follows your business page, you may learn a little bit about who is watching you! These are the people you want to play. These are the people you want to start to understand.


Being a Communications major, I bring to the table a different  perspective on how to analyze social media. If you are looking to grow your social media and understand your audience better contact me.

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