Everyday Challenges of Social Media in Business

Why You Need Help with Your Social Media

Many people think it is a simple task to post something on social media, but do you understand how to make the biggest impact? That’s why I am here. To help you create an online presence that will bring you more web leads and ultimately sales. There is much more to running a successful social media campaign then you may know. Here are a few things to consider:The Most Social Hour

Consistent Content

  1. Thinking of creative ways to capture people’s attention in a world of the never ending phone scrolls.
  2. Content must be uploaded consistently. People are needy so you can’t expect people to sign up for your blog after one newsletter if you only post once a month. People take a split second to decide to subscribe or not. They are making a leap that your content is something that might keep their attention.
  3. The trickiest factor is timing. Every social media platform is different as are the high and low times for each. Fluctuate post versions until you get a clear idea. One key factor that often gets forgotten is the time zones in which people are awake and accessing social media all over the world. So learn more about your audience. If you ask me I might tell you my secrets!

Direct Link to customer

Social media is a direct link to your customers so take your time. You should be selecting when building your audience. Similarly, to the way you are when you add someone on your personal accounts you want to make sure you might have similar interest and goals. There are over 4.2 Billion people on social media around the  world if you can reach even a fraction of these people your brand could make a great impact. You need to make sure that your ideal customer relates to you. Connecting with your customers through social media can provide much need online connection to your audience Including:

  • Brand advertising- Social media is great fro cheap exposures.
  • Customer service- Communicating with audience on uses of products 
  • Community outreach- This one I think is an obvious benefit 
  • Incite into customers


Social media can be like a looking glass, you can learn more about your customers and what they might like to see more of. This isn’t an easy task because most of the analytic are spread out and hard to understand.

  • Example: Take a peek at the most like photo on this social media campaign for Creative RV. This give a bit of insight into the type of shopper that will be looking at one our buying your product.

Time Management

Social impact can be time consuming, run social media campaigns, contests, and the content need for new content. Budgeting for a social media manager could be the key to your social media success. Blogs and improve your CRM and help you to reach your web goals, not to mention blogs make great shareable branding content. Forbes states that not posting enough content can be a “killer” see more here.

Let’s get real, do you really have the time? You need to make the time in order to see your business and brand grow. Don’t let your company be beat out by competitors with better social media advertisements contact me to discuss for i can help you grow your social media exponentially.


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