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Welcome to Real Social Communication!

In today’s businesses world companies “made it or break it” by social interaction.

My goal: To help businesses create real sales leads from social media by developing a real community to support marketing campaigns and customer engagement.

You may notice that here we have a slightly different perspective on social media marketing for business.

What makes REAL Social Communication different?

I don’t believe in buying followers or fake likes.
I am here to make a real connection with real customers.
 \Learn how you can create a real campaign./


How can social media help your business…

  • Social media can boost visibility to support campaigns with the right tools and knowledge.
  • Build brand awareness and brand loyalty for company products.
  • Create new and repeat sales and web leads from paid and organic searches.
  • Gain insight into your target audience in order to create targeted advertisements.






Do you want to increase your online presence, develop more web leads and, create a brand identity?  Social media could be the answer you’re looking for.

Understanding what it takes to build a successful social media community can be challenging if you don’t know how to approach it. Many do not understand the value of outstanding communication skill, project management, time management, and leadership skills as a social media manager so I wrote a blog about it >>HERE.

Why Me?

Over the past few years, I have been working as a professional social media specialists and Marketing assistant working to help companies brand their social media presence like Creative RV, Creative Bus Sales, and Northstar Sports.

-Creating a social media strategy can be a difficult task. But if you do it right you will see growth-

Handling the daily content posts for multiple social media accounts with successful growth techniques in both followers and interaction. I have seen my networks grow from 440 interactions last year to 1,246 social interaction this year (and the year isn’t over yet!) With more interaction we have seen an increase of 376.78% with blog views and 2,000% increase in social clicks over all campaigns.

I bring to the table an alternative perspective on creating real social media connection that in turn creates a valued customer.  I have a Bachelor in Communication // June 2015 // CSULA I create graphics, photography, .gif and other visuals for social sites. I pride myself on keeping up to date on all social platforms, studies, and updates.

My most recent project has been managing the orchestration of influencer relationships for expansion branding. 

Ask me how I can help?



>>I am Shayna Marie and I am passionate about making real social connections with people.

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7 Top ways to use Social Media when Traveling

Can you relate to wanting to have the best vacation we might even get fixated on doing certain things? Sometimes we have to be aware that these things are traps we fall into when looking for the best vacation experience. Social media has altered the purpose and reason for travel like getting to know the locals and experience the true culture.

All of this confusion was why I wanted to take some time to share my tips for learning as much as you can while immersing yourself in the culture.

The uses for social media today are endless here are my 7 tips and tricks to find out what is trending at your travel destination.

Be Real Starting Today with these Keys to being Authentic Online

Being yourself is probably one of the hardest things to the perfect. There are people out there that I admire for doing what they do every day not caring what anyone else has to say about it. On the other end, there are also thousands of people creating fake identities. Then there are others like myself that have to constantly remind myself that I should never change to fill what someone else thinks I should be or act.